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Category: Gun Laws

Why An Armed & Trained Citizenry Keep America Safe

Gun control laws, while important, if too restrictive, only reduce the safety of America as criminals do not follow the law.  Law abiding citizens do!  Obeying gun laws is important, but make no mistake, a well armed and trained citizen is often the 1st line of defense when things go south.  Below are reasons why a law abiding, well trained, and armed American is a beautiful asset to our nation’s safety. Deterrence Effect A trained armed citizen is a huge deterrent to the would-be criminal.  If a store owner is known to be armed or thinks it a large possibility, it is no secret that assailants would prefer to choose unarmed targets.  The presence of responsible and well-trained individuals carrying firearms can discourage potential criminals from committing crimes. Even if the criminal is not sure, he often will not take the risk.  When criminals know that ordinary citizens may be armed, they think twice before attempting criminal activities.  There is a mountain of evidence that shows that high rates of concealed carry permits indicate that crime rates decrease when more people have access to firearms.  On the flip side, cities with the tightest gun control laws usually have high rates of crime as criminals know the average citizen is unarmed making them an easy target.  Rapid Response to Emergencies Armed and Trained will protect the nation! Police react to crime after it happens, unfortunately often too late.  It’s not their fault as our men and women in blue are doing their best,…

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