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Why An Armed & Trained Citizenry Keep America Safe

Gun control laws, while important, if too restrictive, only reduce the safety of America as criminals do not follow the law.  Law abiding citizens do!  Obeying gun laws is important, but make no mistake, a well armed and trained citizen is often the 1st line of defense when things go south.  Below are reasons why a law abiding, well trained, and armed American is a beautiful asset to our nation’s safety.

Deterrence Effect

A trained armed citizen is a huge deterrent to the would-be criminal.  If a store owner is known to be armed or thinks it a large possibility, it is no secret that assailants would prefer to choose unarmed targets.  The presence of responsible and well-trained individuals carrying firearms can discourage potential criminals from committing crimes. Even if the criminal is not sure, he often will not take the risk.  When criminals know that ordinary citizens may be armed, they think twice before attempting criminal activities. 

There is a mountain of evidence that shows that high rates of concealed carry permits indicate that crime rates decrease when more people have access to firearms.  On the flip side, cities with the tightest gun control laws usually have high rates of crime as criminals know the average citizen is unarmed making them an easy target. 

Rapid Response to Emergencies

Armed and Trained will protect the nation!

Police react to crime after it happens, unfortunately often too late.  It’s not their fault as our men and women in blue are doing their best, but they cannot be everywhere.  Trained armed citizens can provide a faster response to emergencies, such as active shooter situations, home invasions, or assaults. In such critical moments, time is of the essence, and every second counts. The only thing that stops a criminal with a gun, is fellow citizens with a gun.  Armed citizens who have undergone proper training and are on the scene save hundreds of lives every year.
An illustrative example is the Sutherland Springs church shooting in 2017, where a trained citizen with a firearm engaged the shooter and prevented further loss of life. Countless other similar incidents demonstrate the value of responsible and trained armed citizens stepping in during emergencies.

Reducing Vulnerability
In rural and remote areas where law enforcement response times can be significantly longer, trained armed citizens usually are the first line of defense. Their presence reduces the vulnerability of communities to criminal activities and provides a sense of security for residents.

For instance, in many parts of Alaska, where police response times to some villages can be hours or even days, residents have historically relied on armed citizens as a deterrent to crime and a source of immediate assistance in emergencies.

Supporting Law Enforcement
Well-trained & armed Americans complement the efforts of law enforcement and local police. These citizens can serve as extra eyes and ears for the police, reporting suspicious activities and assisting in community-oriented policing efforts. This partnership can lead to more effective crime prevention and response.  In cases of natural disasters or emergencies, armed citizens with relevant training can also provide valuable support to law enforcement by helping with evacuations, maintaining order, and ensuring the safety of their communities.

Protection of Individual Rights
The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees the right to keep and bear arms. There is a reason it is the 2nd Amendment right behind freedom of speech.  Safeguarding this constitutional right is a fundamental aspect of maintaining American freedom and democracy.

An armed citizenry is also a check on government power, which has throughout history gone amuck and armed citizens can defend themselves, their property, and their rights in the face of potential threats, whether they be from criminals or oppressive governments. “Don’t tread on Me” encapsulates this thought in 4 words.  By protecting individual rights, trained armed citizens contribute to the overall safety and preservation of American democracy.

Empowerment and Personal Responsibility
Training to become a responsible armed citizen requires individuals to learn firearm safety, conflict resolution, and crisis management skills. This process instills a sense of personal responsibility and empowerment. We must encourage and train individuals to make thoughtful decisions and act prudently in self-defense situations.  The emphasis on personal responsibility contributes to safer communities, as armed citizens are less likely to engage in reckless or impulsive behavior. Responsible firearm owners make an effort to store their weapons securely and maintain their proficiency through ongoing training and education.  Firearm Education is key as ignorance kills.

Constitutional and Legal Framework
The United States has a well-established legal framework that governs the possession and use of firearms. Trained armed citizens must comply with state and federal regulations, including background checks, waiting periods, and restrictions on firearm ownership.  Always be familiar with your state and local ordinances to comply with the law.  If you don’t like your state’s gun laws as written, try and change them legally or move to a part of the country that better fits your standards and laws vary greatly from state to state and often from city to city within a state.

Historical and Cultural Factors
America has a long history of civilian gun ownership, stemming from the colonial period and the struggles for independence. This history has deeply ingrained the value of firearms in American culture. The American cultural context emphasizes the responsible and lawful use of firearms, which has contributed to a relatively low rate of firearm accidents compared to the number of firearms in civilian hands.

Challenges and Counterarguments
Despite well founded arguments, facts, and historical data, the debate around trained armed citizens is highly polarized. There will always be people who want the entire world to give up their guns but that simply will never happen.  Criminals will never turn in their guns and there will always be criminals.  We need to live in reality.  Bad people exist and while we will never convince everyone, rest assured, the 2nd amendment is not just for hunting! One thing is certain, gun safety training and practice are vital to American safety.  Know your gun & rifle until it feels natural because in an emergency, there is no time to figure things out.  The more natural your firearm feels the better for everyone around you.  It is always better to have a gun and not need it than to need it and not have it.  Be safe!

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