Empowering Responsible Gun Ownership:

Enhance Your Skills with our Comprehensive Concealed Carry Training Course

Here at Duncan Defense, we want to stress the importance of safety and the understanding of how much of a major responsibility it is to carry a gun on your person. Simply owning a firearm is not the end all or solution.

Just as in any skill, training is the single most important thing you can do to prepare yourself. Through our Concealed Carry-specific training course we will take you through all the stages of operating as a CCW holder.

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Course Breakdown

  • Application process, covered in detail
  • Legal protection
  • International Firearms Safety Rules breakdown
  • Selecting a concealed carry pistol
  • Selecting a holster (placement on body, material, concealability)
  • Safely drawing and reupholstering
  • NJ Attorney General “Use of Force” policy breakdown
  • Safe storage of a firearm in a vehicle and home
  • Dry fire training/Laser kit training
  • Description of qualification course

For the classroom portion of of the CCW class: approx 3 hours

Duncan Defense will provide everything you need, note pad, pen, application checklist, and US Lawshield pamphlet. Prior to the class each student will receive an email with all of the links necessary along with a copy of the Attorney General’s Use of Force Policy, and prohibited places to carry list. We will take a passport photo for you.

For the range qualification the student will need the following:

  • Handgun or handguns you intend to qualify with
  • Magazines, minimum of two
  • Ammunition
  • Eye & Ear protection
  • Holster
  • Firearms ID Card & Driver’s License